On a day like this, a pledge

The following list of affirmations is the only bandage I can put together for myself at the moment.  Nothing about them is original or unique to this day, this election, or this president.  But making a commitment to myself today, I hope, will help me find and keep my way in the years ahead—years that, unfortunately, are poised to present us with new chronicles of unnecessary human suffering.

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Is stealing “ghetto”?

Ghetto?In a conversation on the law student mailing list, one student, understandably upset about the loss of a favorite mug, shared a warning with others about thefts in the library. To the dismay of other students, however, the cautionary message also expressed frustration to the effect of “I hope to accomplish two things with this email: first, to express how ghetto it is that someone would steal property out of another student’s carrel….”

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